Schedule of Activities

Friday, November 8


6:15pm     Registration

6:35  Welcome, Announcements, Music

7:05  Keynote Message: Reba Bowman "Wholehearted"

8:00 Musical Interlude

8:10  Bruce Martin: "The Scars of Suffering"

9:05 Reception: Meet the Speakers in Person; Visit exhibitors and

book tables



Saturday, November 9

8:30am   Check In, visit exhibits and booths

8:45       Music and Announcements
9:05       Carrye Burr: "The Bridge of Love"

9:50       Rice Sisters Panel: "Living Joyfully in a Strange Land"

10:30  Coffee Break and visit book tables and exhibits

10:45  Testimony

11.15 Special Music 

11:30  Workshops - Choose one of the following:

1. Elizabeth Handford: "Serve Faithfully and Dream Big"
2. Jessie Sandberg "What Kind of Legacy Are You Leaving?

3. Joanna Rice: "I Love Being Old (But the journey is rough)"

4. Biblical Child Rearing in Today's Culture" Carrye Burr,

                    Joy Waters Martin, Marilou Lyons

12:30 Lunch 

1:15  Visit exhibits and book tables

1:25  Concert: David and Jamie Brindley

1:45  Bruce Martin: "A Compassionate, Biblical Approach to Gender


2:30        Congregational Worship

2.40        Joy Martin: "Jesus Speaks Peace in Today's Chaos" John 14-16

3:30        Challenge & Closing