New study "On Pilgrimage to the Father's House"

"What a sweet, encouraging and instructive piece of work this study is! Based on the Pilgrim's Psalm 84, the eight lessons familiarize us with the kind of land to which we are heading, a map for the journey, our Beloved Guide, the unknown terrain, the alien citizens we meet along the way, hazards of the journey, our companions for the trip, and FINALLY HOME!"  (Bible Study leader)


Introduction: One Family's Pilgrimage to Texas, 1863


A Psalm of Pilgrimage: Psalm 84


Study 1: The Land to Which We Journey:The Father's House

Study 2: Our Dependable Map for the Journey: The Word of God

Study 3: Our Incomparable Guide: The Holy Spirit, Our Comforter


Study 4: The Terrain We Must Traverse: Green Pastures and Still Waters; Mountains and Dark Valleys

Study 5: The Citizens of This Alien Land: No Friend to Grace

Study 6: Hazards of the Journey: Discouragement, Temptation, and By-Paths

Study 7: Companions for the Journey: Friendship of Like-Minded Pilgrims and Songs in the Night

Study 8: At Journey's End: the Father's House: Grace and Glory!


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