New Bible study available by Elizabeth Handford

Libby Handford has written a new Bible study entitled, "On Pilgrimage to the Father's House- Come and Go with Me!."


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Trying to live the Christian life in this troubled world doesn't seem to make sense, unless we realize that this world is not our home. We are "sojourners," on pilgrimage to Heaven, awaiting the joy our Heavenly Father created us for: to enjoy Him forever. You need not walk alone on this rough journey. This study will lighten your pilgrimage through this alien land.

This 8-week study, with special reference to Psalm 84 and Hebrews 11, focuses especially on:


* The wonder of our destiny: 
What God created us for: to dwell with Him forever in His house
* The vision:
Seeing Him who is invisible
* Our decision:
To set our hearts on pilgrimage to the Father's House
* Our incredible resources for the journey:
Our Map, the Word of God
Our Guide. The Compassionate Holy Spirit
* The terrain we must traverse:
Often green pastures, sometimes steep mountains and dark valleys, But all lightened by His dear presence.
* The pagan inhabitants of this land:
Shall we ignore them? Endure them? Embrace them? Be "politically correct"? Or winsomely draw them to join us in the journey to the Father's House?
* Our companions on pilgrimage:
Like-minded friends, encouraging, exhorting, and loving. Singing together even in the darkest nights
*Our destination:
The Father's House, where there is room for everybody who wants to come! 



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