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Find out For Yourself Bible Studies - by Elizabeth Handford

Volume 1 - Profiles of Genesis Women
Volume 2 - Profiles of Women  in the Wilderness
Volume 3 - Women Under Judges
Volume 4 - Women Under the Kings
Volume 5 - Women in the Divided Kingdom
Volume 6 - Wives of the Prophets & Women in Captivity
Volume 7 - Esther: Why Me? Why Now? Because God!
Volume 8 - Women Who Met Jesus, Part 1
Volume 9 - Women Who Met Jesus, Part 2
Volume 10 - Women Who Met Jesus, Part 3
Volume 11 - Women in the Early Church
Volume 12 - Women in the Parables  

Volume 13 - James -- Transforming Faith

Volume 14 - On Pilgrimage to My Father's House! 

All fourteen Find Out For Yourself Bible Studies by Elizabeth Handford for $66. (Also sold separately).

Chapter Titles for each study

Sample of a Bible Study

"You've Been Kind" tracts

by Elizabeth Handford

Perfect gospel tract to leave with a hairdresser, waitress, etc.

50 in a pack for $5.00


"Letting People Off the Hook: Discovering the Freedom in Forgiveness"

by Jessie Rice Sandberg


"Jason and the Windsurf Ordeal"

by E.R. Handford


"The Mysterious Alabaster Bottle"

by Elizabeth Handford and Joy Martin

Out of print

"Making Your Marriage Magnificent"

by Joy Rice Martin


"Joyful Woman Leadership Manual"

by Joy Rice Martin

Only available in CD Format



CDs are now available from the 2005 through 2014 Joyful Living Conferences!

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