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Weeds of "respectable sins"

Posted by Joy Martin on 20 September 2013 | 0 Comments

Tags: "respectable sins, " weeds, laziness, ingratitude, bitterness, anger, pride, selfishness

Roger and I recently read a book entitled "Respectable
Sins!" That seems like an odd title! Are there certain sins
that we consider respectable? We rightly stand against
murder and abortion. But I wonder if my "secret sins" offend
God just as much as the big political sins. No, I'm not into
pornography and I'm faithful to my husband, and I don't
cheat on my income tax! But how about pride, selfishness,
worry, covetousness, anger, and bitterness? It is shocking
to realize that these sins of the heart, often invisible to
others, grieve the Holy Spirit?

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