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The Only Cure for After-Christmas Blues

Posted by Joy Martin on 2 January 2017 | 0 Comments

Tags: Christmas, empty, longings, joy, loneliness, empty

Christmas is over. The gifts have all been unwrapped, the
Christmas dinner eaten, the grandchildren have gone home! I
begin to clear away the debris (there is always a lot of
stuff to clean up) and I get an empty feeling. Yes, it was a
wonderful time with friends and family. The roast and gravy
were perfect, the pumpkin pies and custard puddings
delicious! The Christmas cantata was beautiful and the
Christmas cards were sweet. But now it's all done. The
memorable events that I had anticipated since November are
over. I've washed the piles of towels and sheets from my
guests, and put them back in the drawers, awaiting the next
visit of company. The last containers of leftovers are
finally eaten and the refrigerator is beginning to look
somewhat bare. I've at least begun the task of putting away
Christmas balls and other ornaments, I've mailed the last
late Christmas (now New Year's) card and updated my address

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