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Reba Bowman has been a Division I Basketball Coach, the Dean of Women on a University campus, and a professor. She is the Executive Director or "Dare for More Ministries."


Her outreach to young people and their parents is just one facet this ministry. Her goal is to help women of all ages dare for more in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

DFM encourages women to grow through sound biblical teaching, coaching and resources.

You can learn more about her ministry at










Bruce Martin is featured this year. He speaks and writes extensively on hope, mission, the Gospel in culture, marriage,

 and investing our lives in what matters most.

He's been a pastor, Bible teacher, speaker and counselor for over 25 years and is the founder of Invest Your Life Ministries. One of his greatest joys is helping folks figure out what they do best and invest their life in what matters most!

He's the author of "Desperate For Hope" and the co-founder of The CornerStone Initiative, a community development ministry serving the least of these in Huntsville, Alabama. An avid outdoorsman, he founded Born 2 Be Wild in 2003 where he guides 3 and 4 day backcountry trips on the Appalachian Trail. He's logged over 3,000 miles in the Appalachian and Sierra Nevada Mountains. He's been married to Marlina for 35 years and has a 21 yr. old son, Zach.













Also featured this year is Carrye Martin Burr. She is an extrovert pastor's daughter who grew up and married an introvert architect. (She is the crazy dreamer, he's the patient voice of reason.) They have three kids through birth and adoption and you may have seen her blog, LESS to be MORE, whichabout our letting go of our "less" to experience "more" by:

-Being vulnerable and honest about our mistakes, fears, and questions (our less), to find more hope, community, and faith.
-Giving up the things that keep us from living fully (less) in order to experience more joy, purpose, and life.
-Learning to let go and laugh at the little things (less) to gain more whimsy and perspective.
-Allowing our hearts to focus less on ourselves alone, and learn to love and serve the world around us (more).