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Biographical Information

Biographical Information:


Featured at this year's conference is Jan Silvious, author, teacher, speaker and life coach.


Jan Silvious has been meeting people where they are for over thirty years helping them to find a new way of dealing with the same old situations. She is a successful author, speaker, life coach as well as a wife, mother and grandmother. Exhausting isn't it?
As a featured speaker at Women of Faith arena events, Jan encouraged audiences across the country and across every denomination, challenging them to grow into the women God has called them to be. She has been a plenary speaker for Precept Ministries' National Women's Convention, Moody's Women's Conferences, Moody's Founder's Week, Women of Joy and hundreds of churches across the country and overseas.
For more information about Jan, visit her website.  




Introducing, Carrye Burr, grandaughter of Roger and Joy Martin.

She will be participating in the Friday pre-sessions as well as speaking on Saturday. 


Carrye is an extrovert pastor's kid who grew up and married an introvert architect.  She has three precious kids ages 7, 5, and 2 through birth and adoption, so she tries to embrace the messy and unpredictable in life!  She recently published her first book, "Gray Faith", which invites others to encounter God in a more genuine way in the midst of their questions and struggles.  
When she's not savoring a cup of coffee or chasing kids, she enjoys talking with and encouraging others to genuinely experience God and know Him deeply. She blogs regularly about her family and faith at