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Shelley Hamilton, the daughter of Frank Garlock, married Ron Hamilton aka "Patch the Pirate" in 1975. They have managed Majesty Music and written sacred music for children and adults since they joined the ministry in 1978, which was after Ron lost his left eye to cancer and became known as Patch the Pirate®.


Shelly currently ministers at Majesty Music as pianist, composer, arranger, and recording producer. Shelly has authored and compiled the three-volume Hymnproviser Piano Series-a comprehensive study of hymnplaying improvisational techniques.


In 2013, their son killed himself after years of struggle with mental health issues. The family's public struggle and acknowledgement of mental health issues has reached people around the world and opened new hearts to their messages. Most recently her family faces a new challenge: Ron Hamilton's early onset of dementia.


Her speaking and music will encourage anyone facing the challenges of life.