Find-Out-for-Yourself Bible Studies

Profiles of Bible Women
Chapter Titles of Each Volume

VOLUME I: Women in Genesis

Lesson 1:  Eve - First Woman, Everywoman                                       
Lesson 2:  Eve - Woman of the Twenty-First Century
Lesson 3:  Eve - First Mother, First Mother-in-Law
Lesson 4:  Cain's Wife, Seth's Wife, Noah's Wife - Successful by Whose Standard?
Lesson 5:  Sarah - She Saw Something Others Could Not See | Keturah: A May/December Wedding
Lesson 6:  Hagar - She Could Not See What Was Really There    
Lesson 7:  Lot's Wife - She Looked on Ashes                                                   
Lesson 8:  Rebekah - Will She Like the Way the Story Ends?
Lesson 9:  Rebekah - Her Favoritism Hurt the Sons She Loved
Lesson 10:  Leah and Rachel - Lives Too Tangled to Unravel
Lesson 11:  Dinah - How to Fool-Proof Your Daughter                           
Lesson 12:  Tamar - Twice-Widowed: How Can the Godly  Line Continue?                                
Lesson 13:  Potiphar's Wife - Her Heart Was Not at Home    
Lesson 14:  Asenath - Where She Was, There Was Home


VOLUME II: Women in the Wilderness

Lesson 1:  The Hebrew Midwives - No Matter What the Government Says, The Children Must Not Die                    
Lesson 2:  Jochebed - Ought I Bring a Child Into This Kind of World?
Lesson 3:  Pharaoh's Daughter - A Foster-Mother's Rejection
Lesson 4:  Zipporah - Reluctant Obedience
Lesson 5:  Miriam - Single: Serving God Without Distraction              
Lesson 6:  Miriam - Old Age: When You Think You've God It Made
Lesson 7:  Wise-Hearted Women - A Beauty More Than Skin-Deep
Lesson 8:  Shelomith amd Cozbi - Living in the Real World
Lesson 9:  Families of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram - Who Suffers When a Loved One Sins?
Lesson 10:  Daughters of Zelophahad - Tired of Being Treated Like "Just a Woman"?
Lesson 11:  Rahab - A Harlot Meets the God of the Second Chance
Lesson 12:  Joshua's Wife - The Hazards and Joys of Marriage to a Committed Man
Lesson 13:  Achsah - Living Joyously in the Desert


VOLUME III: Women Under the Judges

Lesson 1:  Deborah, Jael, Sisera's Mother - Uncommon Women for Uncommon Days
Lesson 2:  Abimelech's Mother - The Victim of Prejudice | The Woman of Thebez: While the Men Were Wringing Their Hands
Lesson 3:  Jephthah's Daughter - The Tragic Consequence of Not Knowing God's Word
Lesson 4:  Samson's Mother - Can a Mother Ever Do Enough?
Lesson 5:  Samson and the Woman of Timnath - Can a Marriage Torn by Loyalties Survive?
Lesson 6:  Delilah - Soured Love and Fallen Heroes
Lesson 7:  Micah's Mother: Doing What Comes Naturally
Lesson 8:  The Levite, His Straying Concubine, and the Dancing Maidens - Where Does This Road Go?                                                     
Lesson 9:  Naomi - If God Really Loves Me, Why Is My Life So Hard?
Lesson 10:  Ruth and Orpah - No Matter What Others Choose, I'll Take the High Road
Lesson 11:  Ruth and Naomi - God in the" Happenstances" of Life
Lesson 12:  Ruth and Boaz - The Relinquished Expectation: Home: the Resting Place
Lesson 13:  Ruth and Obed - And They Lived Happily Ever After in God's Lavish Exuberant, Everlasting Grace
Lesson 14:  Hannah and Penninah - How to Respond to a Tormentor
Lesson 15:  Wife of Phinehas - When Life Isn't Worth Living


VOLUME IV: Women Under The Kings: Saul, David, and Solomon

Lesson 1:  The Witch of En-dor - A "Decent" Woman Who Gave Rocks for Bread
Lesson 2:  King Saul's Family - What Shaped the Tragedies in This Home?
Lesson 3:  King David's Wife Michal - Trashed By the One He Loved
Lesson 4:  Abigail - When Your Husband Makes a Bad Decision
Lesson 5:  David's Family: His Mother, His Sister Zeruiah, and Wife Abigail | Focused Living in the Midst of Chaos
Lesson 6:  Bath-Sheba, A Forgiven Saint - I Thought I'd Never Stoop to Do Something Like This
Lesson 7:  Tamar, Daughter of David - When the Unthinkable Happens to You
Lesson 8:  The Wise Women of Tekoah, Bahurim, and Abel - How to Give Advice to a Man
Lesson 9:  Rizpah,  Mother of Five - "The Sins of the Fathers"--To the Fourth Generation?
Lesson 10:  Bath-sheba and the Mother of King Lemuel - Preparing a Son to Be King
Lesson 11:  Two Harlots and King Solomon: - Pardon Me!--Your Motive Is Showing!
Lesson 12:  The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon: - If You Really Want to Know the Truth, You Can Find It
Lesson 13:  King Solomon and His Bride, the Shulamite - No Walls Between Us


VOLUME V: Women in the Divided Kingdom

Lesson 1:  King Jeroboam’s Wife - You Don’t Have to Pretend!
Lesson 2:  Asa’s Grandmother Maachah - The Wrong Kind of Grandmother
Lesson 3:  Queen Jezebel - She Enticed Her Husband to Sin
Lesson 4:  The Widow of Zarephath - Risking Everything on Nothing but God’s Promise
Lesson 5:  Elisha’s Mother and the Prophet’s Widow - Precious Gold Can Be Gathered Even by Moonlight
Lesson 6:  The Great Woman of Shunem -  Thinking Like Jesus Thinks
Lesson 7:  Queen Athaliah - When Evil Seems to Triumph Over Good
Lesson 8:  Athaliah’s Courageous Daughter Jehoshabeath - When the Unendurable Must Be Endured
Lesson 9:  Naaman’s Little Maid - Enslaved, But Conscious of the Presence of God
Lesson 10:  Huldah, the Prophetess - She Had Hidden Treasure for a Fearful King
Lesson 11:  Mother of Jabez - A Child’s Birth: Pain, Forgetfulness, and Joy
Lesson 12:  Sherah - She Was a Builder, Not a Destroyer


VOLUME VI: Wives of the Prophets and Women in Captivity and Home Again

Lesson 1:  Job’s Wife - What a Man Needs Most in a Wife
Lesson 2:  Isaiah’s Wife - People Who Live in Glass Houses Are Probably the Pastor’s Family
Lesson 3:  The Women of Jerusalem and the Prophet Jeremiah - When God Says No
Lesson 4:  Ezekiel’s Wife - Why Bad Things Sometimes Happen to Good People
Lesson 5:  The Queen Mother of Belshazzar - There’s Grace Enough for All–No One Need Perish Without Jesus
Lesson 6:  Gomer, Wife of Hosea - How Could a Man Forgive Such Unfaithfulness?
Lesson 7:  The Wife of the Prophet Micah - There’s More Than One Way to Be Unfaithful in a Marriage
Lesson 8:  Queens Hamutal, Zebudah, and Nehushta - When All Hope Is Lost, God Is Still There
Lesson 9:  Shallum’s Daughters - Carving a Home out of the Rubble
Lesson 10:  Noadiah, the Evil Prophetess - That Prophecy About You: Will It Come True?
Lesson 11:  Pagan Wives of the Priests - Making Life’s Choices in the Will of God


VOLUME VII: The Women in the Book of Esther - Why Me? Why Now? Because God—!

Lesson 1:  Queen Vashti - She Had It All!  Was It Enough?
Lesson 2:  Queen Vashti - The Enormous Consequences of Sin
Lesson 3:  The Orphaned Esther - Why Here Why Now?  Because God—!
Lesson 4:  Esther and Her Guardian Mordecai - Loyal, Even in the Hard Times
Lesson 5:  Esther, the Jew - You’re Different; You’re Not Wanted Here
Lesson 6:  Queen Esther - Did God Himself Put You in This Place for This Desperate Time?
Lesson 7:  Esther: Wife of the World’s Greatest Potentate - How to Appeal a Bad Decision of the  Authority Over You
Lesson 8:  Esther and Ahasuerus - A Cure for  Insomnia
Lesson 9:  Esther: When You Can’t Bear Not Knowing - What the Future Holds
Lesson 10:  Zeresh: Wife of the Jew-Hater Haman - He Follows Her Bad Advice to Disaster
Lesson 11:  Esther - You Can Trust Your Invisible God!
Lesson 12:  Esther and Her Grateful Nation - How Can I Ever Thank God Enough?


VOLUME VIII: Women Who Met Jesus (Part 1)

Lesson 1:  Elizabeth, the Barren - All Things Beautiful, but in God’s  Time
Lesson 2:  The Virgin Mary - The Will of God, at Any Cost
Lesson 3:  Mary, Mother of Jesus - The Eternal God Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes
Lesson 4:  Anna, the Prophetess - But You Need a Song in Your Heart at Night
Lesson 5:  The Grieving Mothers of Bethlehem - Mother, Your Work Will Be Rewarded
Lesson 6:  Mary, Mother of a 12-year-old Son - What Manner of Child Is This?
Lesson 7:  Mary, a Concerned Wedding Guest - Just Do What He Tells You to Do
Lesson 8:  Peter’s Mother-in-Law - Mother-in-Love, Not Just Mother-in-Law
Lesson 9:  The Woman at the Well of Samaria - Don’t Judge the Product by the Packaging
Lesson 10:  The Widow of Nain - No One But Jesus Can Meet My  Need


VOLUME IX: Women Who Met Jesus (Part 2)

Lesson 1:  The Sinful Woman at Simon’s House - I Beg You, Give Me Sanctuary
Lesson 2:  The Women Who Traveled with Jesus - What Ministry Does God Want a Woman to Have?
Lesson 3:  The Kinspeople of Jesus - A Relationship with Jesus Deeper Than Blood Kin
Lesson 4:  The Woman with the Issue of Blood - Being Female—A Curse? Or God’s Wise Design?
Lesson 5:  Herodias and Salome - When Is It Too Late to Change Your Mind?      
Lesson 6:  The Syrophenician Mother - A Pagan Argues with God—And Wins!
Lesson 7:  The Woman Taken in Adultery - Could You Throw the First Stone?
Lesson 8:  Mary and Martha in the Kitchen - All God Wants of You
Lesson 9:  Mother of the Man Born Blind - Why This Loss?                              
Lesson 10:  The Crippled Woman in the Synagogue - Then Jesus Said, “Enough, Satan!  Let Her Go!”                
Lesson 11:  Mary and Martha Lose Their Brother - Have You Seen the Glory of God?


VOLUME X: Women Who Met Jesus (Part 3)

Lesson 1:  Mothers Who Brought Their Children to Jesus - “Oh, Father, Bless This Child!”
Lesson 2:  Salome and Her Sons - Mother Love or Selfish Ambition?
Lesson 3:  The Widow Who Gave Two Mites - Was Her Sacrifice Worth It?
Lesson 4:  Mary of Bethany - She Loved, and Listened, and Understood
Lesson 5:  The Servant Girls of the High Priest - What Does the World Have a Right to Expect of a Christian?
Lesson 6:  Pilate’s Wife - “Have Thou Nothing to Do with That Just Man”
Lesson 7:  The Women Who Followed the Cross - “This is Your Hour, Satan, When Darkness Reigns”
Lesson 8:  The Women at the Foot of the Cross - Faithful to the Bitter End
Lesson 9:  Mary Magdalene at the Tomb of Jesus - She Had His Forgiveness; She Wanted His Presence
Lesson 10:  The Women at Jesus’ Ascension - Jesus Is Coming Back!  But Meanwhile—

VOLUME XI: Women in the Early Church - At Last I Belong!

Chapter 1:  The Women in the Upper Room (also the Jewish and Gentile Widows; and  Candace Queen of Ethopia) - The Wall Between Us Is Broken Down
Chapter 2:  Sapphira - How God Feels About Hypocrisy
Chapter 3:  Dorcas (Tabitha) - Uniquely Gifted to Serve
Chapter 4:  Mary, Mother of John Mark - She Made a Safe Home for her Church Family in Her House
Chapter 5:  Rhoda - Not Crazy—Just Believing God!
Chapter 6:  Lydia of Thyatira - A Business Woman Uses Her Skills for God | Euodias and Syntyche Hurt the Work of God
Chapter 7:  A Demon-Possessed Fortune Teller - An Unlikely Bearer of the Good News of Salvation
Chapter 8:  Priscilla - A Godly Woman Teaches the Visiting Evangelist God’s Word
Chapter 9:  Phebe (Phoebe) - She Risked her Life to Carry God’s Word to Rome
Chapter 10:  Effective Women Who Served God Faithfully in His Will | Philip’s Spirit-Filled Daughters, Chloe, Damaris, Mary of Rome, Persis, Julia, Rufus’s mother, Typhena, Typhosis, and Claudia
Chapter 11:  Queen Drusilla and Queen Bernice - How Many Times Did They Turn Down God’s Offer of Peace and Forgiveness?
Chapter 12:  The Elect Lady—and You - God’s Great and Noble Purpose for Your Life


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