2016 Articles

New Segment

You have enjoyed the devotionals Libby has written and have shared them with your friends, and we're so glad you do. But many of you have said you wished the other Rices would also write something regularly for the JCM web site. You've been encouraged and strengthened through the years by the teachings of the Rice family, and you're telling us you want more of it.

So log in regularly at this site in this new year for a new feature: writings from the whole Rice family: the sisters: Jessie, Joanna, Libby, and myself, and also from the children and grandchildren as well.

Not every item will be earth-shakingly important. Sometimes it will be a wry observation, or a candid opinion, perhaps a smart saying from our incredibly astute great-grand children, or just an encouragement from an incident in our lives. Sometimes pithy, sometimes poignant, sometimes argumentative (because, after all, we're Rices!), perhaps inconsequential, but never boring, and God willing, something that will add zest and meaning to your life day by day.


A Christmastime musing by Joanna Rice